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February 15, 2014 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20
Announcing a Special on Personal Training!

In over 10 years that I have been a personal trainer, I have never offered a special of any kind on my services. I have always tried to keep my rates as low as possible in order to make them available to more people. But for a limited time, I am offering my services at a rate I have never offered before.

This offer is available to any former client of mine, but only to the first five people who contact me. I will give you a Fitness Profile and 10 one-hour sessions for only $225. That’s $125 less than my lowest rate!

You must be a former client, but it doesn’t matter how long ago that was or how many sessions you purchased in the past.

This is a one-time deal. No renewals at this rate. And I am only offering 5 of these packages, so contact me soon or they might be all gone. You can call or text me at 803-447-8557 or email me at

Why am I doing this? Because I have some time available right now that is not usually available and unused time doesn′t do me any good. Also I know many of my former clients are no longer exercising and need to get back in the habit. Maybe you are one of them.

      Men love big arms, but men are not all created equal. As a result, no matter how hard we work at it, some of us will not be able to build massive biceps and triceps. The longer a man′s biceps and triceps muscles are, the more growth potential he has. This is pre-determined by genetics.
      There is a simple way to size yourself up, guys. Take your shirt off or roll your sleeves up and strike a biceps pose in front of the mirror with one arm. Make sure your hand is fully supinated, which means the palm is facing you. Your elbow should be at about a 90 degree angle.
      Now check the space between your contracted biceps muscle and your elbow. How wide is that gap? If you can place one finger or less between your elbow and the biceps muscle, you have long biceps muscles and the potential for some big arms. If you can place two fingers in that gap, you still have above average potential. Three fingers puts you in the average category, and four fingers or more indicate very short biceps muscles and low potential for much size.
      The triceps muscles in the back of the upper arms are even more important than the biceps for big guns. To measure the triceps length, you need to contract your triceps muscles. You do this by straightening your arm and pronating your wrist, that is, pointing it backwards. You should see a distinct horseshoe shape where the lateral head of the triceps meets the long head and the medial head. Now measure the distance between the tip of the elbow and the top of the horseshoe. Three inches or less indicates a very long muscle and great potential for size. Three to four inches is still above average. Four to six inches is average, and over six inches means you have short tris and limited growth potential.
      For the record, biceps of 20 inches or more are very rare. Sergio Oliva, a bodybuilder of 25 years ago, had biceps which were wider than the distance from his chin to the top of his head. They were measured at 20¼ inches. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime didn′t approach that.
      Big arms are strictly a guy thing. Women don′t want them, nor do they particularly admire them on men. In most surveys I′ve seen, big arms don′t even rate in the top five physical qualities women look for in men.
      By the way, gals, even if you have long biceps muscles, you won′t develop large muscular arms, because you don′t have the testosterone to produce that type of muscularity. Women should workout their arms, both bis and tris, in order to have nicely toned and well defined upper arms.

      Coffee is a great drink. Most people, myself included, would have a hard time getting started in the morning if not for that big cup of java. Lately, there have been hundreds of studies presenting the benefits of coffee, but occasionally I′ve seen contrary arguments as well. I decided to go to what I consider a fairly reliable source to see what it had to say. Here’s what I came up with. All of this info is from

      Coffee might just be good for you. Over the years some 19,000 studies have analyzed the health impact of coffee, and if you′re a latte lover, you′ll be pleased to know that the results keep pouring in. Trigonelline, the compound in coffee that makes it smell so good, has been shown to reduce cavities. Coffee is also full of disease fighting antioxidants. In fact it contains more than blueberries and broccoli. The caffeine in 16 ounces of coffee boosts athletic speed and endurance and reduces muscle fatigue. By contrast, you′d need 64 ounces of cola to get the same result. Studies show that with just two cups of java a day, you can cut your risk of colon cancer by 25%, gallstones by nearly 50%, and cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson′s by a whopping 80%. It′s also been shown to improve mood and stop headaches. Studies of nearly 90,000 men and women show that heavy coffee consumption – we're talking 6 or more cups a day – slashed men′s risk of Type Two diabetes by 54% and women′s by 30%. But don′t run to the coffee pot just yet. To avoid an increased risk of miscarriage, pregnant women should limit their intake. Heart and hypertension patients and those at risk for osteoporosis should also be careful. And as always, if you′re feeling jittery, having trouble sleeping, or you′re experiencing a rapid heartbeat, you′ve probably overindulged.
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      If you′re trying to lose weight, you′ve got to make some changes, because obviously, what you′re doing now is why you′re in the shape you′re in. Diet and exercise are keys to weight loss, but there are other factors at work as well that you may need to modify.
      The first place to start is with your eating. If you are overweight, it′s almost always a result of poor eating habits. First, check your portions. Be careful not to eat too much at each meal. You should never leave the table feeling stuffed. Second, eat small, healthy snacks between meals. Yogurt, nuts, and fruit are a few good choices for snacks. Third, always eat breakfast. Start your day with at least 300 calories and include some protein at breakfast. Peanut butter on toast is a good option. Breakfast is also a good meal to include some fruit.
      Here are a few other foods that are known to give a boost to your metabolism. Try to eat some of these every day: oatmeal, almonds, green tea, berries, apples, chicken, and, of course, vegetables.
      In order to lose weight, you′ve got to get active. Begin with cardio exercise. Walk, jog, or use any of the cardio machines at the gym. Start with 30 minutes a day, three days a week at a moderate intensity. Then try to get to five days a week. The more cardio you do, the better. For a real metabolism boost, add intervals. An interval is a 15 to 20 second burst of high intensity work. Try adding three or four intervals into every 30-minute cardio workout.
      After you′ve developed the cardio habit, it′s time to add strength training. Lifting weights will increase your metabolism, strengthen your bones, build your strength, and tone your muscles. Strength training is not just for bodybuilders. It′s for everyone, and no, ladies, it will not bulk you up.
      There are two other things you need to do to help you lose weight. One is get enough sleep. Sleep is essential to good health and proper weight. The average person needs seven to eight hours sleep a night. Don′t shortchange yourself.
      Finally, manage your stress. Stress causes an increase in an adrenal hormone called cortisol. When you are under chronic stress, cortisol is continually released into your system, and the results can be damaging to your health in several ways, including weight gain.
      There you are. A few simple modifications can make a world of difference in your overall health, your weight, and how you feel. Why not get started today?

      The other day while surfing the net looking for something to write about, I ran across this intriguing headline: ″7 Fun Exercises Your Trainer Doesn′t Want You to Know About.″ I couldn′t wait to find out what hidden workout treasures I don′t want my clients to know about. And here they were listed for all the world to see. Oh horrors! What will I do now that everyone knows the truth? Well, no need to keep these ″7 Fun Exercises″ from you any longer, so here they are:
1. Instead of riding a stationary bike, take up Cross Country Skiing. Ok, so that might be a tad difficult down here, but don′t tell any of your Yankee friends, because I′m sure their trainers don′t want them to know about it.
2. Instead of walking, try ice skating. Again a little difficult in the south, but with a little effort, you might be able to find a rink. I′ve tried ice skating a few times. One time I broke my ankle and another time, I knocked myself out cold. Great alternative to walking, for sure.
3. Instead of weight training, try hiking with a back pack. I love backpacking, but really are you gonna load up a pack, drive to a trail, and hike an hour or so two or three times a week? Let′s be real. This is a once or twice a year event at most.
4. Instead of swimming, try rowing. This is a good one as long as you′ve got a kayak or a canoe, a river or lake, a life vest, and a paddle.
5. Instead of the elliptical machine, how about salsa dancing. All you need here is a salsa class and a partner. Well, some salsa music might help too, and possibly a salsa instructor, but I′m sure you won′t have any trouble rounding up all these essentials three to five times a week.
6. Instead of step aerobics, try hula-hooping. I′m sure every aerobics instructor in America will have nightmares thinking about all their clients shunning their boring classes for the excitement of spinning a hula-hoop an hour or so.
7. Instead of running, try Ultimate Frisbee. No problem here. After all, you can find a Frisbee game at any playground anytime you′re ready to exercise.
      There they are: ″7 Fun Exercises Your Trainer Doesn′t Want You to Know About.″ I shared them with you, but please don′t tell anyone else, because trainers all over town will be after me for revealing these secrets.

      Most people like nuts, so here′s some good news. A recent study involving 119,000 men and women found that those who snacked on nuts daily were 20% less likely to die from any cause over a 30-year period than were those who abstained from nuts.
      The study which was published last November in The New England Journal of Medicine also found that regular nut-eaters were less likely to be overweight than their non-nut-eating counterparts. All nuts seem to offer the same health benefits.
      The scientists involved said the most obvious benefit was a 29% reduction in heart disease, but there was also a significant reduction of 11% in the risk of dying from cancer. About a handful a day is the recommended allotment.

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Harbison Recreation Center
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The Harbison Rec Center offers more facilities for less money than anywhere else in town These are just some of the features: a new weight room with all new machines, free weights, treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes; a 25 meter junior Olympic size indoor heated swimming pool; sauna; whirlpool; racquet ball and tennis courts; a basketball gym; and miles of traffic-free trails for walking or jogging. There are classes for seniors as well as summer camp and after school programs for kids. Also newly remodeled locker rooms and an all-purpose room for large gatherings. All for only $315 a year for singles or $600 a year for families Check out their website:

Wolf′s Fitness Center
5432 August Road
Lexington, SC 29072
Phone: 356-6400

Wolf′s is a total fitness facility offering some great amenities. There′s a huge recently expanded weight room featuring free weights and machines. There is a cardio area with treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, stair steppers, and the cardio theater. Other amenities include an indoor walking/running track, sauna, child care facilities with an attendant, tanning beds, showers, locker rooms, and sports supplements. Prices are very reasonable and there are no enrollment fees ever. Wolf′s also offers a full slate of fitness classes including kickboxing and pilates, as well as all new spinning classes .
Check out their website,